• Q: 1.Are these Sex Toys original or not?

    All the Sex Toys in our line are with authentic quality and exactly the same as the pictures on the website,made of the top-quality materials.The Sex Toys are sent with accessories such as card,serial number,box/dustbags.

  • Q: 2.Can you ship to my country?

    We can ship to all the countries around the world via DHL or EMS,Fedex,UPS and other Express.

  • Q: 3.How can I do the purchase?

    a.You chosen the products 

    b.Please tell us the  Scarf No., quantity  and  your country

    c.We will help you calculate the scarf price and shipping cost 

    d.Payment(After payment, please provide proof of payment)

    e.The shipment will be arranged to you on 3-10days.

  • Q: 4.How much is the postage to my country?

    a.To: Western Europe: 
    First: 1kg-USD26,Following each 1kg-USD8; more than 21kg,$6.5/kg

    b.To: USA and Canada
    First: 26kg-USD26,Following each 1kg-USD8;more than 21kg,$6.5/kg

    c.To: Oceania
    First: 1kg-USD26,Following each 1kg-USD9;more than 21kg,$7/kg

    d.Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and express lanes.Weight: $ 8 / kg; added weight: $ 6 / kg,weight over 21 kg , you will get $ 5 / kg 

    e.Other countrys:
    You will find the exact shipping cost when you check out.


  • Q: 5.How long it will take.

    express poto

  • Q: 6.Are there any extra taxes for the custom?

    No,there won’t be extra taxes for the custom.We always mark on the package that the value of the package is less than 80 USD,most of the countries won’t charge extra taxes for the value.

  • Q: 7.How can I track the whole shipping process?

    We will send you a tracking number and Express Company Website after the shipping of your order,you can track the whole shipping process on the website.For more information,please email me.

  • Q: 8.Could I send back the items for repairing?

    Yes,of course you can.We won’t charge any fees for the repairing,what you have to pay is the shipping cost.

  • Q: 9.How to do OEM?

    If you want OEM,please contact the sales department.Email:newstar.lily@adult-pleasure-toy.com We will get touch with you as soon as possible as we could.

  • Q: 10.How to stop my order and refund my remittance or change design?

    Please send a Email to us before the Express delivery and state your request. and if do refund ,we will send back your money within 2-3 working days. please note it .

  • Q: 11.Product prices, and packing requirements

    We offer wholesale prices at MOQ ; if your have different quantity please check price with us again. Some products with common gift box,some product just with opp bags,check with us. If you have sepecial packing requirement ,please talk with us.
    For more information,please directly send email to us: Email:Newstar.lily@adult-pleasure-toy.com

  • Q: 12 How to pay?

    T/T,Paypal,Western Union,T/C  hipping Cost (by DHL)



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